Noise Blocking Panels

noise blocking panels polyester block board acoustic blocking material

Noise Blocking Panels Polyester Block Board Acoustic Blocking Material

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Noise Blocking Panels

Premium 100% acoustic polyester noise blocking material is used for use between ceilings, walls, floors and floors. There are no known hazards when using acoustic polyester noise blocking panels. Polyester acoustic blocking material is non-toxic, non-irritating and does not cause allergies. Polyester block board contains a high proportion of previously recycled polyester fibers (from PET plastics) and is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life. Polyester noise blocking panel is manufactured under a zero-waste policy in which manufacturing waste is recycled or reprocessed into other products.

Polyester noise blocking wall panels do not contain or release formaldehyde or any other VOC. Polyester fiber noise blocking materials do not have a respirable size and will never be a potential air pollutant. Polyester noise blocking wall panel contains no or no CFC, HCFC or any other substance or gas that depletes the ozone layer.

Noise Blocking Panels Features and Benefits

User friendly – no protective clothing required
Non-irritating, non-toxic, non-allergenic
Provide various calorific values
Fully recyclable
Fire protection – fully in compliance with building codes
Easy to install – can be torn directly in its width
Raw materials: 100% polyester fiber
Thickness: 20, 30, 40, 50mm, etc.
Density: 10K, 20K, 30K, etc.
Roll and panel width: 600x1200mm, etc

Noise Blocking Panels Polyester Block Board Acoustic Blocking Material

Fire results:
Polyester wool is a self-extinguishing product that meets all the requirements of building codes. The results are as follows:

Flammability (index)-20)
Flame spread (index 0-10)
Thermal evolution (index 0-10)
Smog developed (index 0-10)

R value:
The thermal rating provided is the material R value. The total R value called in the building code can be met by the material R value product.

Organic long chain synthetic polymer. It consists of carbon and hydrogen.

Over time, polyester acoustic blocking materials will not sag or loose its bulk or looseness. This design feature ensures complete performance (more than 50 years of durability).

Polyester block boards is classified as non-corrosive when tested according to NZS4222. Polyester wool has a pH of 7.8 (pH 7 is neutral).

Polyester noise blocking material is naturally resistant to insects and pests and does not contain chemical deterrents.

Thermal insulation
Polyester acoustic blocking material is a thermally bonded insulating material made of 100% polyester. No additives or other components are used in the process. Polyester wool is supplied as a bulk insulation product.

Polyester block board is not affected by moisture. Exposure to an atmosphere of 50 ° C, 90% humidity for 4 days showed a hygroscopic weight of less than 0.03%. If the polyester noise blocking panel gets wet, it will return to full thermal performance when dry.

Installation instructions of noise insulation panels are included with all product packages. Separate installation instructions are available upon request.

Polyester noise blocking wall panels are designed for use as a safe and efficient insulation material for residential and commercial buildings.

Compliance with specifications
Polyester noise blocking products are fully compliant with standard insulation requirements and insulation requirements in building codes.

Noise Blocking Panels Polyester Block Board Acoustic Blocking Material