Polyester Board

polyester board suppliers 9mm fibre polyester board PET fiber sheets

Polyester Board Suppliers 9mm Fibre Polyester Board PET Fiber Sheets

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Polyester Board

Polyester Board Features:
Standard size: 2420x1220mm
Thickness: 9 mm
Sound absorption rate: NRC 0.75
Portable, Easy to cut and easy to install
Water resistance and sound impact resistance
Finish: decoration
Color: more than 40 colors

China Polyester Board Usage:

– Thermal insulation for buildings
– Cinema, cinema, school, auditorium, recording studio, home theater sound absorbing materials
– Internal acoustic filling material for wall panels, ceilings and partitions
– Interior decoration materials for houses and apartments
Care and Maintenance
Cutting: Mechanical or manual cutters supported by rigid steel feet are recommended.

Polyester Board Suppliers 9Mm Fibre Polyester Board PET Fiber Sheets

China Polyester Boards Color Options
There are many different colors to choose from polyester board brochure of polyester board supplier, which can meet different styles and different levels of sound insulation and decoration engineering needs. 9mm fibre polyester board can be mixed different styles have many different shapes, such as plains, pyramids, squares, rectangles, wide strips, slivers, and so on. The polyester board sheets can be folded into a curved shape to make the interior design more flexible and show more.

Product Availability:
No matter how many quantities we need, we always have a lot of polyester acoustic panels. Therefore, it is easier and faster to purchase materials.

Easy Installation
It is possible to apply glue or use environmentally friendly adhesives. People can cut the acoustic sheets into sizes or shapes as needed, which can be cut by directly matching manual cutting tools, which is easy to handle. We mainly use nail-free glue, hot melt glue, and other glue (according to different surfaces) to stick the polyester board sheet on the wall. For cement walls, you can directly install the board with white glue and gun nails to save glue and save time.

Design and Installation:
As one of the largest suppliers of polyester board suppliers, we have a large number of experienced contractors who have contacted us for many years, that is, we can help you choose the right person to perform your requirements. Therefore, provide an end-to-end solution for all your false ceiling and acoustic needs.

Polyester Board Suppliers 9Mm Fibre Polyester Board PET Fiber Sheets