PET Acoustic Panels

PET acoustic panels recycled polyster fiber PET acoustic panel

PET Acoustic Panels Recycled Polyster Fiber PET Acoustic Panel

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PET Acoustic Panels

The polyester used in our acoustic products is non-allergenic and safe for asthma patients. PET acoustic panel is the only fiber insulation approved for unrestricted use in hypoallergenic or asthma-friendly buildings. Recycled PET acoustic panel consists of billions of minutes of closed cells, which in turn prevents water and steam from penetrating.

PET Acoustic Panel Technical Specifications

Thickness: 9 mm, 12mm
Size: 1220mm x 2420mm
Weight of PET acoustic panel 9mm: 1.3 kg/m2, 1.7 kg/m2
NRC: 0.60, 0.85

Polyster fiber PET acoustic panel is made of polyester staple fibers. It is prepared by needle punching (arranged by a carding process) on a multi-folded polyester fabric sheet. The final material consists of a three-dimensional network structure with vented openings.

PET Acoustic Panels Recycled Polyster Fiber PET Acoustic Panel

Although the PET acoustic panel is very light, it is strong and does not shrink or sag.

Sound Insulation:
Comfort and quiet are what we are pursuing. The noise level has increased dramatically, and it has become more difficult to sit and relax at home. There are many factors that affect the increase in noise levels: rain, neighbors, airplanes, and traffic.

These factors are not only frustrating and annoying, they can have a major impact on your lifestyle. Noise can interfere with sleep, health, happiness, employment and property values. That’s why you should isolate your home with recycled PET acoustic panels.

Benefits and characteristics of polyster fiber PET acoustic panels

Up to 85% recycled polyester fiber
No harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds)
Free of formaldehyde
Phenol free PET acoustic panel
No need to restrict access to other transactions during installation
Proven thermal and acoustic performance
Material R value provides year-round performance
Free of ammonia
Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
Zero chloride (non-corrosive)
Durability (will not subside or destroy overtime)
100% recyclable product
Reusable PET acoustic panels
Non-irritating PET acoustics
No protective equipment required for installation