Noise Reduction Panels

noise reduction panels noise reducing wall materials sound reduction material for walls

Noise Reduction Panels Noise Reducing Wall Materials Sound Reduction Material For Walls

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Noise Reduction Panels

Noise reduction panel is made from 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET), of which 50% is from recycled consumer products such as plastic bottles. PET is manufactured by a process that does not contain chemicals, adhesives and adhesives. Due to its recycled raw materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, our noise reduction panels are certified for green labeling.

Raw materials: 100% polyester fiber wool
Thickness: 20, 30, 40, 50mm, etc.
Density: 10K, 20K, 30K, etc.
Roll and panel width: 600x1200mm, etc

Noise Reduction Panels Noise Reducing Wall Materials Sound Reduction Material For Walls

Why choose PET noise reduction materials?

Green material
Noise reduction wall panel uses only trees collected from plantations and is part of the forest sustainability program.

Noise reduction material is available for new roofs and existing roofs; and zigzag, whether flat, beveled, dome or structures with unusual bevels.

Rigidity of Noise Reduction Panels:
Although the polyester noise reduction material for wall is very light, it is strong and does not shrink or sag.

Insulation performance
Noise reducing wall material has good thermal insulation properties, helps to store heat from the environment, and emits air when the temperature is lowered. This helps reduce reliance on cooling equipment and reduce energy costs.

Sound absorption
Helps reduce reflection and promote absorption of sound waves with natural pores on the surface. Noise reduction wall panels help to suppress noise and improve the acoustic comfort of various spaces.

Moisture regulator
Polyester noise reduction material for walls with the natural characteristics of absorbing moisture helps to regulate and control the humidity in the space by absorbing and releasing moisture into the surrounding air. This helps to promote a favorable indoor environment.

Easy to apply:
The polyester noise reducing wall materials can be easily installed by anyone in a relatively short period of time with little or no damage to the building operation as it does not cause any breathing or irritation problems to the skin.

Functional and natural materials
Polyester noise blocking panel is an environmentally friendly panel that uses only polyester fiber. The mineralization process does not include any chemicals or additives.

Antiseptic and antifungal
As a lignocellulosic fiber and mineralized by cement, noise reduction panels can withstand the harsh environment and the outside weather where the panel does not rot.

Noise Reduction Panels Noise Reducing Wall Materials Sound Reduction Material For Walls