Acoustic Batts

acoustic batts polyester fiber batts sound batt insulation

Acoustic Batts Polyester Fiber Batts Sound Batt Insulation

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Acoustic Batts

Polyester sound batt insulation material is made of polyester fiber and low melting point fiber, can produce 100% polyester insulation material. Polyester fiber sound batts are made from synthetic polymers called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) – chemicals found primarily in petroleum. In order to reduce landfill, plastic beverage bottles are also recycled to produce a portion of the fibers used to produce polyester acoustic batts.

The sturdy, lightweight acoustic batt insulation fiber feels soft and easy to install between walls, ceilings and wood-framed floors. Polyester ceiling insulation batts have the added benefit of being a sound absorber, thus contributing to the thermal and acoustic comfort of the building occupants.

Acoustic Batts Specifications

Raw materials: 100% polyester fiber
Operating temperature: from -40 to +110°C
Thickness: 20, 30, 40, 50mm, etc.
Density: 10K, 20K, 30K, etc.
Roll and panel width: 600x1200mm, etc
Reaction to heat: stable at 250 ° C

Poly batts polyester sound insulation is available in a variety of widths to accommodate stud spacing and R values to suit all climate zones.

Acoustic Batts Polyester Fiber Batts Sound Batt Insulation

The highest “R” value:
Polyester fiber batts have an aged “R” value that provides high heat resistance compared to any other insulating material.

Polyester sound batts insulation wool is available for new roofs and existing roofs; and zigzag, whether flat, beveled, dome or structures with unusual bevels.

Flexibility Polyester Fiber Batt:
Polyester acoustic batts insulation wool is able to withstand the normal expansion and contraction of the structure without affecting the ability to protect the structure from any external elements.

Acoustic Batts Quality:
Our main policy is to provide our customers with the best acoustic batt products and services. Therefore, we ensure that our polyester sound batt rolls are of high quality.

Design and installation:
As one of the largest suppliers of polyester batts, we have a large number of experienced contractors who have contacted us for many years, that is, we can help you choose the right person to perform your requirements. Therefore, provide an end-to-end solution for all your false ceiling and acoustic needs.

For more information on the price of polyester wool or any other sound insulation materials about our product range, please call us or email your request. We will respond to all your questions as soon as possible.