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Polyester Acoustic Panels Manufacturer Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

Polyester acoustic panel is used for cafes, restaurants, bars, school classrooms, gymnasiums, halls, home and professional studios and offices with walls, ceilings and bass traps, delivering superior sound control and a cool look at an unbeatable price.

It’s made of bonded plastic fibers with a density of 1.3 kg/m2 by acoustic polyester fibre panel manufacturer. Polyester acoustic panel is lightweight, non-irritating, environmentally friendly, washable, fade resistant, fire resistant, 100% in compliance with building codes. It can be cut easily with a sharp bread knife by polyester acoustic panels manufacture china or your local installers. Due to their very light weight and semi-rigid design, the acoustic fiber panel is the only acoustic products that can be easily fixed or hung on walls and ceilings without sagging or deformation.

Polyester Acoustic Panels Manufacturer

Color: white, beige, 40 colors
Size white: 2420x1220mm, 600x1200mm, etc.
Thickness: 9, 12, 15mm
Features: non-allergenic, non-toxic, decorative, impact resistant, partially recycled, etc.
Applied culture, business, corporate, education, industry, etc.
Used as indoor ceilings and walls

Polyester sound insulation felts and panels are fully recyclable products that contribute to sustainable development. The benefits to people and the environment are related to the characteristics of the products used. They can be flat or 3d polyester fiber acoustic panel.

Polyester sound materials are made from non-toxic materials and processes by polyester acoustic panels manufacturer. Their use does not require warnings, they do not release any fibers or dust into the air, and they are non-toxic and allergenic. Innovative production techniques, three-dimensionally arranging fibers, provide greater strength at the same thickness while using less density and cost-effectiveness for the user.

Polyester Acoustic Panels Manufacturer Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Polyester Fibre Panels Features

– Special fiber structure
– Thin, light, imitation silk surface smooth.
– Good flexibility and warmth
– Polyester acoustic panels manufacturer
– Non-carcinogenic: Does not cause cancer.
– Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.
– Difficult to drill holes from polyester acoustic panels manufacture
– Strong water resistance and deformation resistance
– Special bonding of low melting point fibers
– Does not harm health. No form of allergies or allergies.

Polyester Acoustic Panels Manufacturer Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel