Sound Insulation Materials


Sound Insulation Materials Sound Cancelling Insulation Panels Absorbing Material

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Sound Insulation Materials

If you occasionally enter the attic space, polyester sound absorbing insulation is a good choice because it does not create extra dust or loose fibers that can cause irritation. Polyester sound insulation materials can also be used under exposed joist floors to reduce heat loss and draw through the connections in the floor structure.

Polyester sound insulation material is very popular with people with allergies because it helps eliminate coagulation, mold and mold, and is very helpful for your health, especially if you have asthma. The polyester sound insulation panel is made of thermally bonded polyester fibers with a high percentage of recycled fibers, such as PET bottles or soft drink bottles. Because polyester is very safe, it is commonly used in clothing, bedding and medical applications.

Professionals such as builders and developers prefer polyester sound insulation panels because of its long life and safe handling. Thermal and sound insulation material is a quality insulation product, so you will find it more expensive than glass wool.

Sound Insulation Materials Specifications

Materials: 100 polyester fiber
Dimensions: 1200 x 600 cm (flat), etc.
Thickness: 20, 30 or 50 mm (more requirements)
Density and thickness tolerance: ±10%
Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.031 W / m.K (measured as 38 Kg / m3)
Density: 20, 35 or 38 Kg / m3 (for sheet), 10 Kg/m3 (for rolls)

Sound Insulation Materials Sound Cancelling Insulation Panels Absorbing Material

Polyester Sound Insulation Material Features:

Natural non-irritating, non-toxic, non-allergenic
Fire Safety
Unaffected by moisture
Free of formaldehyde acoustic wool
Free from mold, mold or decay
Fight against insects and pests
Environmental protection
Will not corrode or deteriorate over time

Polyester sound shield insulation wool is available for new roofs and existing roofs; and zigzag, whether flat, beveled, dome or structures with unusual bevels.

Although the polyester sound cancelling insulation wool is very light, it is strong and does not shrink or sag.

Easy to maintain:
Polyester thermal and sound insulation materials are easy to maintain and can be repaired at a minimum cost by internal maintenance personnel.

Our main policy is to provide our customers with the best noise reduction panels and services. Therefore, we ensure that our polyester rolls are of high quality.

Sound Insulation Materials Sound Cancelling Insulation Panels Absorbing Material