Polyester Fibre Panels

polyester fibre panels nonwoven 9mm non woven polyester fibre panels providers

Polyester Fibre Panels Nonwoven 9mm Non Woven Polyester Fibre Panels Providers

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Polyester Fibre Panels

The polyester fibre panel is a decorative material made of polyester fiber, which is made by hot pressing and has a sound absorbing function. It can be flat or 3D moulded polyester fibre panels. Manufacturing of polyester fibre panel is done in China.

The non woven polyester fibre panels are synthesized by hot pressing by providers of polyester fibre panels, and the porosity is above 90%. The sound absorbing performance of the polyester fibre panels is good in the medium and high frequency range. The polyester fibre nonwoven 9mm panels have the advantages of heat insulation, fireproof, dustproof, light weight, non-corrosion, etc. It also has good sound absorption effect, high strength, good decoration, convenient construction and environmental protection.

1. Characteristics of polyester fibre panels

Polyester Fiberboard has high performance, high density, environmental protection, fireproof, sound-absorbing bandwidth, strong decoration, simple structure, easy cutting, no dust pollution, wide selection of decorative color grade materials, which can meet the needs of different customers.  The highest fire rating for polyester panels is B1, and the highest environmental protection is E1.

2. Polyester fibre panel specifications

Width: 1220 mm
Length: 2420 mm
Thickness: 9 mm x 12 mm
Density – 140-229 kg / m3
Allowable tolerances: width: ±1 mm, length: ±2 mm, height: ±0.2 mm

Polyester Fibre Panels Nonwoven 9Mm Non Woven Polyester Fibre Panels Providers

3. The highest fire rating of non woven polyester fibre panel

Meet the requirements of GB 8624-2012 “Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products” B1 grade materials.

4. The highest environmental protection grade of polyester fibre nonwoven 9mm panel

It meets the E1 technical requirements of GB 18580-2001 “Interior decoration materials, formaldehyde release limits for wood-based panels and their products”.

5. Structure of polyester fibre panels

Basic material – polyester sheets
Angle machining – chamfering
Complete – multiple colors for customers to choose from (based on color card)

6. Application range of polyester fibre panels

Gymnasiums, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, studios or any other venue that seeks high acoustics.

Polyester Fibre Panels Nonwoven 9Mm Non Woven Polyester Fibre Panels Providers