Hexagon Sound Absorbing Panels

hexagon sound absorbing panels

Hexagon Sound Absorbing Panels Polyester PET Acoustic Panel Hexagon Acoustic Wall Tiles

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Hexagon Sound Absorbing Panels

The hexagon sound panel is a polyester fiber sound absorbing panel that was developed with environmental friendliness in mind. The hexagon sound absorbing panel is made of 100% polyester and is 100% recyclable. Compared to traditional fiberglass sound absorbing panels, hexagon acoustic wall tiles have many environmental advantages, making them the first choice for high-end installations. Their simple, soft matte look appeals to interior designers and architects because it helps them retain their original room design, even when retrofitting these hexagon sound absorbing panels to solve acoustic problems.

The polyester pet acoustic panel is a sturdy slab that is soft to the touch. Hexagon sound panels can be used in many scenarios, such as wall and ceiling coverings, interior partitions or custom fixtures.

Hexagon Sound Absorbing Panels Application:

Theater and home theater
Gym and function room
Commercial and office buildings
Studio and production company
School and university acoustic panels
Acoustic fibre panel patterns
Industrial and manufacturing facilities.
Restaurants and night clubs
Government and municipal buildings

Hexagon Sound Absorbing Panels Polyester PET Acoustic Panel Hexagon Acoustic Wall Tiles

Hexagon Sound Absorbing Panel Specifications:

Diameter: 300 mm (12 inches)
Thickness: 9 mm
Fire rating: Class B or not rated
Density: 140-200 kg/m3
Edge detail: square PET acoustic panels
Compliance: CA Department’s IAQ Emissions Requirements Section 01350
Core: 100% polyester (60% recycled content / 40% virgin content)
Mounting options: appropriate piercing pin and structural adhesive or mechanical fasteners (installation hardware provided by the installer)
Note: The hexagon acoustic wall tiles are double sided. Expose the best-looking surface to the room.
NRC: 9 mm (0.4)

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Use the soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to best remove accumulated dust and dirt from polyester pet acoustic panels. Use a vacuum attachment with soft brush to avoid damaging the panel. Do not use water or detergent.