Polyester Acoustic Panels

polyester acoustic panels recycled polyester acoustic panels soundproofing panel

Polyester Acoustic Panels Recycled Polyester Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Panel

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Polyester Acoustic Panels

Making noise between houses and houses is increasingly affecting people’s normal lives. If you want to build a home theater at home, in order not to disturb the neighbors, it is very necessary for the owner to install recycled polyester acoustic panels. The material of the polyester acoustic panel is recommended mainly because of its many advantages.

Five Advantages

1. The installation and attaching polyester acoustic panels is very simple. The use of ordinary stationery knife can cut the polyester acoustic panels 2×4. The corners will be more convenient to operate.
2. More than 40 colorful patterns. This is what the other material that sound-absorbing panels can’t provide.
3. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance is good. It’s possible to install the board in a wet toilet, versatile, sound absorbing and protecting the damp walls.
4. Good fire performance. The polyester fiberboard produced by the factory will indicate the performance of the product in the fire sign.
5. The stability of the polyester acoustic panels soundproofing panel is good. The shrinkage rate can be kept below 1%.

Polyester Acoustic Panels Features

Standard size: 2420x1220mm
Thickness: 9 mm, 12mm, 15mm
Sound absorption rate: NRC 0.75
Finish: decoration
Color: more than 40 colors
Portable, Easy to cut and easy to install.
Water resistance and sound impact resistance

Polyester Acoustic Panels Recycled Polyester Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Panel

Good Sound Absorption Effect
Due to its porous internal structure, polyester acoustic non woven fibre panel has such a function. The polyester acoustic panel soundproofing board has a dense porous cavity structure that converts heat through the sheet as internal energy returns. Therefore, it has excellent sound absorbing properties.

Today, noise pollution can be seen everywhere, so our daily lives may not be quiet. But since the polyester fiberboard, you can enjoy a quiet living space. But it’s so popular, not just because of the sound-absorbing effect, here we take a look at its advantages.

Can Effectively Insulate
From the sound principle above, we know that energy is converted into heat. Therefore, polyester fiberboard has excellent moisturizing properties, especially in winter, giving us a warm and comfortable space, let us have a warm winter.

More Stable
And the composition of polyester acoustic panels is 100% polyester and has excellent stability, not due to changes and deformation of the external environment.

Impact Resistance:
Because polyester acoustical panel is soft and flexible, recycled polyester acoustic panel will not break the situation even if it is subjected to external shocks, and it can effectively resist various shocks. Therefore, this materials are widely used in stadiums.

Polyester Acoustic Panels Recycled Polyester Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Panel