Acoustic Fibre Panel

acoustic fibre panel poly fibre acoustic panels sound absorbing polyester panel

Acoustic Fibre Panel Poly Fibre Acoustic Panels Sound Absorbing Polyester Panel

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Acoustic Fibre Panel

Polyester acoustic fibre panels are also called polyester fibre acoustic panels sound absorbing boards. Poly fibre acoustic panel is a new decorative material made of 100% recycled polyester fiber with sound absorbing function. Polyester fibre acoustic panel creates a quieter space for work and life. The structure is simpler and easier to cut into different shapes by machine.

Acoustic Fibre Panel Feature

A wide variety of colors
Custom sizes available for any project
Panel size and thickness range
Cut costs with fibre acoustic panels
Lightweight products are easy to operate
Environmental protection
polyester fibre panel for thermal and acoustic insulation
Earn the highest credits for Green Project

Specifications of polyester fiber acoustic panels

– Width: 1220 mm, length 2420 mm
– Thickness: 7.5 – 15 mm, 9 and 12 mm are standard
– Basic material: polyester fiber
– Angle machining chamfer
– Density: 1.3 kg/m2, etc.
– Finish: Custom (please refer to the color table)

Acoustic Fibre Panel Poly Fibre Acoustic Panels Sound Absorbing Polyester Panel

Acoustic Fibre Panels Application

Suitable for a variety of applications, such as: Internal soundproof wall, Internal acoustic ceiling.
Decorative walls and ceilings in corridors, offices, stadiums, libraries or auditoriums.
Acoustic and board surface
Standards and testing on poly fibre acoustic panels
Fire test: ASTM E84, EN 13501
NRC (noise reduction coefficient)

Good Fire Rating
Fire rating is a very important requirement for decorative materials, especially in many public places such as dance halls, KTV, cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, stadiums, hotels, kindergartens, etc. Polyester acoustic fibre panel has passed the Chinese government fire protection tested and obtained grade B1, so fibre acoustic panels are a qualified decorative material with good fire resistance. So polyesterfibre acoustic panel has good strength, toughness, good sound absorption and heat insulation, so it’s widely promoted and widely installed in many large public buildings.

Environmental Protection
Polyester acoustic fibre panel has no toxic substances, no formaldehyde, and are a green product. On the other hand, polyester acoustic fibre panel has good mechanical properties, excellent flexibility, light weight, and no debris after impact, causing the risk of harm to people.

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Acoustic Fibre Panel Poly Fibre Acoustic Panels Sound Absorbing Polyester Panel