Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels

sound absorbing ceiling panels polyester sound absorbing ceiling tiles

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels Polyester Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles

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Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels

Oursound absorbing ceiling panels are one of the best in performance, cost effective and offer the highest quality sound-absorbing ceilings. Polyester sound absorbing ceiling panel is suitable for both commercial and corporate environments to control noise within the area and help prevent it from one space to another. Our sound absorbing ceiling tiles are delivered quickly, providing a cost-effective solution for virtually any ceiling.

The sound absorbing ceiling system provides excellent acoustics in virtually any ceiling application without the need for traditional fabric covering panels. The system is designed to suppress internal noise and add acoustic benefits to any commercial, educational or institutional application that requires a seamless aesthetic.

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels Product Details

Material: 100% polyester fiber
Surface type: smooth, can be stored for five years
Technology: Does not contain any red list chemicals
Features: safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic
Thickness: 9, 12, 15mm ceiling sound panel
Size: 2420 * 1220mm, 600x1200mm, 600x600mm

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels Polyester Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical ceiling sound panels provide superior sound absorption and are ideal for a wide range of environments, including offices, restaurants, call centers, auditoriums and stadiums. Sound absorbing ceilings and hanging sound panels provide the control you want when sound insulation is critical to noise and sound control. Large, noisy areas such as gyms and work floors can now be effectively managed through soundproofed ceilings and soundproof wall panels. The sound absorbing ceiling tile has excellent sound insulation.

What is PET resin or PET?

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a polyester (like a fabric). PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester (like a fabric) ). It is extruded or molded into plastic bottles and containers for the packaging of foods and beverages, personal care products and many other consumer products. Our polyester sound absorbing ceiling panels are made of PET.

Why is PET sometimes called polyester?

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is the chemical name for polyester. When PET is used in fiber or fabric applications, it is often referred to as “polyester.” When used in container and packaging applications, it is often referred to as “PET” or “PET resin.”