Acoustic Art Panels


Acoustic Art Panels Polyester Composite Board Polyester Fabric Board

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Acoustic Art Panels

Polyester acoustic art panels are a high density, environmentally friendly, fire resistant acoustic surface treatment that provides a wide range of sound frequency absorption. Available in a variety of colors, polyester composite board is suitable for a variety of design and installation modes to suit the design intent of each space.

Polyester fabric board has an high NRC that provides high sound absorption compared to any other acoustic material. Polyester fabric panel is easy to maintain and can be repaired at a minimum cost by internal maintenance personnel.

Acoustic Art Panels Technical Information

Description: 100% polyester fiber
Size: 1220mm x 2420mm
Thickness: 9mm or 12mm
Density: 1.3 kg/m2
NRC value = 0.85

Acoustic Art Panels Polyester Composite Board Polyester Fabric Board

Glue Selection
Choose glue that meets environmental requirements for acoustic art panel. Various types of adhesive materials can be selected according to different pasting surfaces:

1> Gypsum board bottom: white latex or cellulose wall glue as raw material under not easy to get moisture can be chosen. Superglue could be choice under possibility of mositure stituation.
2> Cement or wood-based surface: Super glue or white latex with neoprene as raw material can be selected.

Attracting the decoration, a perforated plate, is quite easy to absorb the glue and block the holes. It is recommended to brush on one side during construction. It can also be reinforced with nails.

Installation Method of Polyester Composite Board

1.Make sure the surface of polyester fabric boards is clean and free of dust and other substances.
2.Choose heavy structural adhesives that are safe for polyester acoustic panels.
3.The polyester fabric panels are double sided. Expose the best looking side to the room.

The adhesive is applied in a zigzag pattern from the corner to the corner and around the periphery of the back of the acoustic art panels. Make sure the adhesive is at least 2 cm from the outer edge of the panel.

To adhere to the wall surface more quickly, spray a 15 cm weight of spray adhesive ring in each quadrant of the “X”. Apply pressure to the adhesive beads and the spray area. Spraying the adhesive will hold the hexagon acoustic panels in place while the liquid adhesive beads cure to provide a permanent permanent bond. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the adhesive manufacturer.

Acoustic Art Panels Polyester Composite Board Polyester Fabric Board